About Us

HELLO there,

I am Alan Jackson, retired Open University lecturer in English Literature. I am keen to continue sharing my love of literature and interests in culture. I have been involved in organising Church and Culture series for my church, Holburn West, Aberdeen and I have run reading groups on the novel.

I was born in Belfast where I studied at Queen’s University and graduated with a general B.A. A later spell at Stirling University, studying for Honours English, was followed by M.Litt. study at Aberdeen University where I completed a dissertation on Connections between Robert Burns and D. H. Lawrence. I worked as a teacher and then as an Open University lecturer teaching courses on the Enlightenment, the Nineteenth Century Novel and Approaches to Literature. This , however, left me disenchanted with recent ways of doing literature by various kinds of “critical theory”. These days I prefer to return to what I learned of literary criticism from the writings of critics such as F.R. Leavis and Ian Robinson.

I am happily married and settled in Aberdeen.


You love teaching. You love literature. You want to share the two

So what do you do? – especially in a period of Lockdown!

Write a book or blog! I prefer working short-term so here goes!

My hope is, dear reader, that you will discover new reading to value and enjoy and thoughts to develop and ideas to respond to.

So whether as an occasional dipper or a regular peruser welcome to the site


Alan Jackson at adjisa57@gmail.com or following blog comment.