Coleridge in his young twenties was an active supporter of the anti-slavery movement. Editing a radical newsletter, The Watchman, which argued for anti- slavery legislation and other causes raised by the French Revolution he would go round Bristol Harbour talking to ships’ captains and their crews about their experiences of the slave trade as wellContinue reading “FURTHER THOUGHTS ON PART 3”

“Enjambment! Or would You Prefer the French Version, Sir?”

Is there a word the sound of which-whether uttered correctly or incorrectly -makes you wince? In French -for me, “enjambement” is not like that. It is rather such a sweet sounding, elegant intonation. I love to hear it pronounced by a good French speaker. And I , in turn, attempted, in my rudimentary French toContinue reading ““Enjambment! Or would You Prefer the French Version, Sir?””


This poem was initially written as a separate one and then was later incorporated in “The Prelude” (Book5), the long autobiographical poem in twelve books, which Wordsworth subtitled “Growth of a Poet’s Mind” The work in these early books, as in this poem here, follows Wordsworth’s early development and his boyhood love of Nature inContinue reading ““THERE WAS A BOY””